In honor of Veteran’s Day I am re-posting a blog I wrote while in college. The feelings expressed in this poem have not changed. But again, to all those serving, who have served and will serve. Thank you.

The Weald

I haven’t been putting explanations of my poetry up, but this one I felt needed one. This poem I wrote for veteran’s day for my Poetry Writing class, I was thinking about my family who has, and my future brothers-in-law who are currently serving for our country. I thought about those who have died while fighting, in years long ago and in far away places. I dedicate this poem to all past, current, and future soldiers who have fought for the ideals and beliefs we hold dear.

Through the window glass

The wind flies in strength

Like a beacon in the sky

The wind shows them proudly

Memories of time long past

Where bravery; lived, fought, and died.

M    e    m    o    r    i    u    m

These times are our past,

Present, future; our history.

The blood spilt on the,

Shores and forests of…

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